Trucking Company Guide to Filing 1099 & W-2 Forms for 2016

Trucking Companys Guide to 1099 and W2 FormsAnother new guide from Discount Tax! The Trucking Company’s Complete Guide to Filing 1099 and W-2 Forms is now available.

This blog post has a summary of what you need to know, or read the full guide here >

**W2 & 1099 MISC Copy A Due Date has Changed for 2016**
See the bottom of this page for details.


Options for Filing 1099 and W-2 Forms for Trucking Companies

Your Accounting Software: Many accounting software systems will print 1099 and W-2 forms and even e-file payer copies. To print forms, purchase some compatible with your specific software, as there are many layouts available. Print copies, stuff envelopes and mail to the Government and recipients. Purchase forms for your Software >

Specialized 1099 & W-2 Software: Easily print all type of 1099 and W-2 forms with specialized software that will also e-file payer copies. To print payer and recipient copies, purchase forms compatible with the software. Print copies, stuff envelopes and mail. Shop for Specialized 1099 & W-2 Software >

Online  1099 & W-2 Filing: E-file payer copies using online system; no software to buy. Some services print and mail recipient copies for you, others allow you to print your own. Sign up for Online 1099 & W-2 Filing >

Selecting the Right 1099 Forms 

1] Which 1099 Form to Use
1099-MISC is most common for trucking companies, it is used for subcontractors, consultants and other individuals to whom you have paid $600+ during the tax year. Other 1099 Forms are available. Shop for 1099 Forms>

1099 MISC Forms for Construction Contractors2] Number of Parts Needed
The number of parts you need for a 1099-MISC is based on where you need to file government copies: Federal only, State or City

Copy A: Federal Copy for the IRS
Copy B: Recipient Copy
Copy C/2: Payer Copy and Recipient Copy **New form in 2015
Copy D/1: State and City

3] Type of Forms
Your software will print on either:

Pre-printed 1099 forms – software will print only the recipient and payer data

Blank perforated 1099 paper – software will print the entire form at once, including boxes and labels with the recipient and payer data.

Don’t forget 1099 Envelopes or 1096 Forms if you’re printing and mailing your own forms!


If you use QuickBooks, read our blog post: How to Print 1099 Forms from QuickBooks >


Selecting the Right W-2 Forms

Key Factors to Choosing the Right W-2 Forms

W2 Forms and W-2 Blank Paper and Envelopes by DiscountTaxForms.com1] Government Requirements
The number of W-2 Form parts you need corresponds to which government agencies you must report to:

  • Federal Only – 4 parts (Copies A, D, B, C)
  • State and Federal – 6 parts (Copies A, D, 1, B, C, 2)
  • City, State and Federal – 8 parts (Copies A, D, 1, 1, B, C, 2, 2)

Read more in our blog: Decoding W-2 Copy Requirements > 

2] Software Functionality
Some software will e-file W-2s to the government. But you will still need to print employee copies regardless. Your software will either print the form data only on Preprinted W-2 Forms or will use Blank W-2 Paper to print the entire form at once, including the boxes, labels and data.

The layout of the forms will vary depending on your software. They could be in a 2up, 3up or 4up layout if your software supports it. This is where all the forms for a single employee will be printed on one page so you can simply fold and mail one piece of paper. All Government copies must be printed in the Official 2up layout. Read more about Types of W-2 Forms >

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If you’re over the hassle of printing and mailing W-2 Forms, try! We e-file, print and mail for you for only $3.95 per form.

QuickBooks Users Click Here to Learn How to File W-2 Forms with QuickBooks >


W-2 Filing Deadlines for 2016

**W2 Copy A Due Date has Changed for 2016** 

2016 Federal W2 Copy A, the red one, must now be e-filed or mailed to the SSA by January 31, 2017.

Businesses no longer get extra time for e-filing or mailing paper forms.

January 31, 2017 is now the due date for ALL W2 forms, including employee copies and government copies.


1099-MISC for Contractors Deadlines for 2016

**1099-MISC Copy A Due Date has Changed for Contractors 2016** 

2016 Federal 1099-MISC Copy A, the red one, must be e-filed or mailed to the IRS by January 31, 2017 when Box 7 has Non-Employee Compensation

Businesses no longer get extra time for e-filing or mailing paper forms.


Other 1099 Filing Deadlines for 2016

January 31, 2017 - Recipient copies
February 28, 2017 – Paper Copy A and Transmittals mailed to the IRS or SSA
March 31, 2017 – E-file Copy A to IRS or SSA

Most states have the same deadlines as the Federal government.


Trucking Companys Guide to 1099 and W2 FormsRead the full Guide to Filing
1099 and W-2 Forms for
Trucking Companies >






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